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Best Price Guarantee

Hoterip offer a "Best Price Guarantee". After you booking a hotel through Hoterip then you find some better rates on other website, just simply inform to us with the supporting documents and we will provide you with the same rates as long as all the condition are suitable with the original booking you made, in addition we will give you an additional Rp 100,000,- as compensation to your bank account directly.
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Easy To Searching & Booking Hotel

If you have plan to travel somewhere for holiday, just simply input the destination you wish to go, period of stay or name of hotel you wish to find then our system will do the rest for you. Read more

Good Service

H.I.S Tours & Travel, was part of H.I.S Co.Ltd Japan, based in Tokyo Japan, which has existed since 1980. The H.I.S has been recognized in various International tourist destination, because we have sent a lot of Japanese tourists to various tourist area in the world. Read more

Hoterip Point

By booking through Hoterip, you will earn reward point from 3 – 10% from the total amount of booking before tax and service charge. 1 Point is equivalent to 1 USD. For example, total amount of your booking is Rp 5,159,440,- and Rate before tax and service charge is Rp 4,264,000,- If converted to USD with exchange rate per today is 1 USD = Rp 8,528,- And if you currently have 5% reward point, then you will earn 25 points from Hoterip. Read more

Terms and Conditions

All reservation which made through, shall be follow by the Terms and Conditions applied. Read more

Privacy Policy

Data identifiable with particular individuals of our customers and people associated with H.I.S., namely personal data, is an important and indispensable asset for H.I.S. This valuable personal data is socially required to be kept confidential and to be handled accurately and securely. In order to meet this social requirement, H.I.S. appropriately protects personal data in accordance with the following basic policy based on the spirit of H.I.S. corporate charters, observing Personal Data Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations. Read more

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