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Best Price Guarantee

What is the Best Price Guarantee?

We will provide the best rates to our customers. Therefore should you find Hoterip rates are higher than the rates on other websites, you can contact our Customer Support team within 48 hours after you get the booking confirmation, or contact to +62.361.721064, 09.00 – 17.00 wita, before your arrival date. We will give you same rates as you find on other website plus additional Rp 100,000,- as compensation to your bank account directly.

The Flow of The Best Price Guarantee Service

Reservation shall be made through

Should you find better rates on other website, you can contact our Customer Support team within 48 hours after booking. (*please see the valid requirement)

All the information will be accommodated and the validity will be check first.

After checked by our Customer Support and the claim is valid, Hoterip will refund the dispute of the rates and give additional Rp 100,000,- (One Hundred Thousand Rupiah) to your bank account directly.

* Customer Support, Phone Number +62 361 721064, Working Hours : 09:00-17:00 wita (GMT+8)

* Refund process will be made within 7 days after the claim is approved. Bank transfer fee will be covered by Hoterip.

* In spite of number of bookings and number of rooms, the entire trip itinerary will be count as one case. If you make a booking with separate booking, Hoterip will count it as one booking only. If the booking is made using different name or group but in same itinerary, in this case, the refund will be made for one time only.

Valid Requirement

  • Booking shall be made and suitable with the original booking condition such as Hotel Name, Room Category, Total Guest, Cancellation Policy, Arrival Date, Departure Date and Room include Breakfast or Not.
  • When you are contacting us, the rooms of the hotel must be available and can be confirm instantly. This service is not valid if the room is not available on that period due to fully booked situation or hotel available according to “On Request” basis (it could be not confirm instantly).
  • This service also is not valid for any special rates, package rates, discounted rates which combined with airlines and discounted rates for anonymous hotel (hotel name will informed after booking).
  • Rates which comparing with other website should be as final rate which has been confirmed and it has been including tax and service charge.
  • Rates which compared should be as rates which featured generally and rates should be available on special web page of Indonesia customer. For example the rates are not valid for the website which have special member, corporates rate, group rates, meeting rates and auction rates.
  • Hoterip Customer Support will check and decide whether the terms and condition to get the service of best special rates guarantee is appropriate or not. We will not receive any evidence just from the screenshot or print out.
  • Sometimes the disparity rates which appeared on Hoterip website is because of the exchange rate, therefore if this issue is judge because of it so this service will not be valid as well.

Cancellation after The Best Rates Guarantee Applied

If any cancellation made after the best rates guarantee service is applied, therefore we will refund your money as big as a value which you paid and after deducting the total amount from other website plus additional Rp 100,000,- (a Hundred Thousand Rupiah). This amount has been refund after best rates guarantee. We will not refund total amount bigger than you have paid.

Revision or Retraction of Best Rates Guarantee Service

If necessary, we have fully authority to do stop, revise or retraction the service of Best Rates Guarantee anytime and without any notification in advance. And we also not responsible for any revision or retraction of the service is happened. Terms and condition are applied upon any official request from the guest to get best rates guarantee by contact to our Customer Support.

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